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Beijing Opera

Ticket: 180  280  380RMB/Per Person(depend seat) 

Proformance: Peking opera show (in  Beijing liyuan Theater)

Address: 175 Yong An Road ,XiCheng District ,Beijing

Show Time: Daily 19:30-20:40

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Detailed information

Beijing opera, one of the Chinese five opera, with the tone, yellow - based, with huqin and drums accompaniment, regarded as the quintessence of China.

Qing Emperor Qianlong fifty-five years (in 1790), the original three Qing, performed at the south, spring, and spring four Taiwan, succession huiban enters Beijing four, they from Hubei and the Chinese artists emphasize cooperation, also accepted the opera, part of Shaanxi Opera repertoire, melody and performance methods, and to absorb some of the local folk tunes, through constant communication, fusion, the final formation of Beijing opera. After the formation of the rapid development of Beijing Opera began in the Qing Dynasty palace, until the Republic of China obtained the unprecedented prosperity.

Beijing Opera is an important means of deduction, communication China traditional culture. The distribution center in Beijing, throughout the Chinese.

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